Catholic University in Ružomberok student is the winner of Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Activities

At the end of June 2020, the Czech-Slovak round of the competition in Student Scientific Activities (SSA) in the Didactics of Mathematics took place online. The Department of Mathematics was represented by Matúš Stáňa, a Master’s degree student with his diploma thesis, and Veronika Oroszová, an extension student, with her final thesis. The first of the named was crowned with the laurels of victory, the text of the second was awarded an honorable mention.

Matúš Stáňa, led by Dr. Lucia Csachová, described application tasks in gymnasial mathematics in his diploma thesis. The author described their irreplaceable place in teaching and, at the same time, pointed out – also on the basis of his many years of teaching experience – their almost desperate absence. Reflecting the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, he created a collection of such tasks. Subsequently, on a sample of approximately 150 grammar school students, he statistically examined and evaluated their application in practice. Among the 15 works of future Mathematics teachers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, his was the best and its author therefore deservedly won the 1st place.

Veronika Oroszová, working on methods and strategies for solving combinatorial problems in high schools, found herself in the finals of the Czech-Slovak round of SSA in Didactics of Mathematics with colleagues in lifelong learning from Charles University, Masaryk University and the University of South Bohemia. Author under the guidance of Dr. Štefan Tkačik described how various teaching methods and strategies can be practically applied and then examined the influence of selected factors on the effectiveness of combinatorics teaching through a suitable statistical apparatus. The commission, headed by doc. Antonín Jančařík from Charles University, awarded her work by an honorable mention.

Author: Martin Papčo