The last week of the summer semester 2019/2020 has begun. In this semester, like many faculties in Slovakia and around the world, we had to quickly adapt to the new conditions of distance education. We are learning together – students and teachers are adopting e – learning techniques.

Which platforms do we use?
• All employees and students of FE CU in Ružomberok have an active university email for safe internal communication.
• Students and employees alike receive a free Office 365 license so they don’t have to pay for software from their own resources.
• For distance learning, Moodle is available, a learning platform that provides educators, administrators, and students with a robust, secure, and integrated system for creating customized learning environments. Each subject has a profile in which teachers and students exchange information, learning lectures, presentations.
• We organize online lectures and exercises live via webinar software Cisco Webex and Zoom.
• We use Dropbox Transfer to share larger study materials up to 100 MB.

A side effect of the special regime is the simplification of administration and the reduction of the need to travel, education comes directly to students’ homes. This period teaches us at the Faculty of Education how to create the conditions of distance education so that they are equivalent to full-time teaching, or how to enrich it even more. We gain valuable experience to the future in order to balance full-time study in classrooms and laboratories with online distance learning and practice in a real environment.

We wish all students a successful completion of the summer semester!